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Jay Vinci is an acclaimed bodyworker and a yoga, meditation & breathwork instructor. Always a student, Jay is now integrating his new love for dancing Tango with his understanding of human movement & yoga. He spends his summers working on Fire Island & NYC, his winters working in various places such as Colorado, California & Europe, and always finds time to visit his Big Italian Family in Rochester, NY. Check out the 'Schedule' tab above for more details on Jay's wherabouts.

After gaining his BS in Industrial Engineering Technology, Jay discovered he had an intuitive understanding of the human body. At the bequest of his girlfriend, he quickly became self-taught bodyworker. He later acquired his NYS License of Massage Therapy in 2004.

Intuitively understanding the relationship between our mental, emotional & physical bodies, Jay incorporates conscious awareness through the language of touch to inspire harmony within the bodies, hearts & minds of his clients.

Jay began studying at ISHTA Yoga in New York City under the tutelage of Yogiraj, Alan Finger. Jay resonated with Alan, who shared the sacred tools of Tantric Yoga with humor & lightheartedness. After completing his 500-hour certification at ISHTA in 2009, Jay studied closely with Alan Finger for another 5 years, both assisting & teaching his meditation classes.

Jay attended the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, New York, studied Thai Massage in Thailand, Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Chow in Montreal, Shiatsu at Ohashiatsu in NYC, REIKI with Elaine Abrams in NYC and was on staff with Reconnective Healing® teaching energy work & consciousness seminars throughout Europe.

Jay has studied shamanic healing ceremonies of The First Peoples of North & South America. Their Wisdom has influenced his understanding of health, wealth & abundance.

His latest passion lies in developing meditation & breathwork seminars as well as combining the disciplines of yoga & tango in TangoFlow™.  Jay's lifelong work is to assist himself and others to transcend outdated belief patterns and find greater balance within our physical, emotional & mental bodies, in order to consciously create the world(s) we live in.

Jay Vinci LMT/RYT-500


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