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Jay Vinci is an acclaimed bodyworker, yoga & meditation instructor. He spends his summers in New York City & Fire Island, his winters in Aspen, Colorado and travels the spring & fall between his hometown of Rochester, NY and Europe. Check out the 'Schedule' tab above for more details on Jay's wherabouts.

Jay studied industrial engineering technology in college before discovering his intuitive gift for bodywork. He is a self-taught bodyworker who is able to sense physical & energetic imbalances in the body. He intimately understands the relationship between the energetic and the physical. Through his intuitional approach, Jay helps to restore a greater harmony & balance within the minds & bodies of his clients.


This aptitude inspired his practice of yoga over 15 years ago. Jay completed his 500-hour yoga training at ISHTA Yoga in New York City, with Yogiraj Alan Finger. Jay resonated with the simple genius of Alan. Al never pushed beliefs onto people. He simply got out of the way and shared the sacred tools of Tantric Yoga in a humerous & lighthearted way. Jay dedicated 5 years to learn Tantra from Al, not by taking notes, but rather by simply being in the presence of his teachings. 

His formal training in massage therapy was done at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, New York. He has also studied Thai Massage in Thailand, Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Chow in Montreal, Shiatsu at Ohashiatsu in NYC and was on staff with Reconnective Healing® teaching seminars throughout Europe. Jay is a NYS licensed massage therapist (LMT) & a registered yoga teacher (RYT-500).


Jay practices tantric yoga & meditation, along with his intuitive styles of bodywork & energywork.  In these disciplines Jay seeks to empower his students and clients, who include top-level business executives, creative artists, actors, expectant mothers, retired grandfathers and college students, with physical, mental and energetic tools geared to maximize their potential to live life in a balanced, competent and meaningful way.

That part of me which is beyond my story,

acknowledges & honors that part of


 which is beyond your story.


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