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Gimme Presence by Jay

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Yoga Poses by Jay

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Gimme Presence by Jay is a YouTube channel where yoga instructor & bodywork specialist Jay Vinci posts videos on yoga, health, and wellness.  In these short, personal videos, Jay covers a wide array of topics, ranging from the facts about positive energy and how to create more balance in one’s everyday life, to the often misunderstood and always intriguing matter of tantra and sex.


Jay welcomes comments on his Gimme Presence by Jay videos, as well as questions from viewers on the subjects of these videos and on any other aspects of Life, Yoga & Wellness.


Jay can be reached at

Yoga Poses by Jay is a YouTube Channel where Jay Vinci demonstrates yoga poses that he teaches in class. He offers suggestions & corrections as well as key insights to allow the poses to suit you & your practice.


These videos are a resource to help yoga practitioners fine-tune their poses through use of breath & awareness.


Jay welcomes requests for poses to review & questions about yoga technique.



Jay can be reached at

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