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Presence of Touch


Touch is a necessary component for the well-being of all mammals. Physical contact between a mother and her newborn is critical for the infant’s sense of stability and connection with their world. From the first moment of life until the moment of death, we need compassionate touch to feel supported, safe and connected with our world.


Bodywork can positively affect our state of well-being by  increasing the flow of nutrients to and toxins from every cell in our bodies. This is especially true of muscles & organs, through the blood pumping action of soft-tissue palpation. Physical manipulation of the body can also help restore musclular elasticity, joint health and stimulate proper digestive functioning. Conscious touch can balance the nervous & endocrine systems as well, offering us a good ‘D.O.S.E.’ of feel good hormones: Dopamine, which makes you feel good about what you are doing; Oxytocin, which lowers cortisol & stress levels and helps you feel more supported & secure; Serotonin, which reduces cravings & irritability and increases the ability to focus; and finally Endorphins, which reduce pain and create a sense of euphoria. All of which together reduce stress and increase a sense of overall connectedness and Well-Being.


In many cultures it was and is common for family members to regularly massage each other, helping to maintain health & wellness. Samurai warriors would perform bodywork on each other to restore health and release the toxicity of battle out of their systems before rejoining their community & families. We too can utilize the benefits of bodywork to create better health & well-being within ourselves and within our world. Everyone has the capacity to touch, sense and feel which is all one needs to begin the journey of offering effective bodywork.

In this workshop, I will go over the basics of what I call, ‘Presence of Touch’. Using simple sequences and techniques, we will explore the human body in a way that creates greater ease, peace & vitality in both practitioner and client. The big lesson I took away from my formal massage therapy training was to let go of ‘Book’ knowledge enough to trust the communication that flowed through my hands.


The next 'Presence of Touch'  workshop will be scheduled for the Fall of 2015 in New York City. This workshop is open to all individuals (Professionals & Laypersons) wishing to learn more about touch & bodywork. A Presence of Touch II, workshop is currently being created.


To request a workshop in your area,





Join me for a once in a lifetime yoga retreat in the land of the Aurora Borealis. We'll meet in Tromsø, Norway (a.k.a. 'The Paris of the North'). Located at 70º Lattitude North, Tromsø is in the heart of the Northern Lights ring of greatest activity (known as the auroral donut). Even more unique, the coastal area of Tromsø lies along the warm water ocean current of the Gulf Stream. This means that during winter, which is peak aurora watching season, Tromsø's climate is consistently 20-40ºF warmer than any other area within the auroral donut. Not only does Tromsø enjoy amazing auroral displays in relative warmth, it is an international university town, boasting great nightlife, restaurants, museums & culture.


This is a Tantric Yoga Retreat, teaching the Science of Yoga without dogma. Daily yoga & meditation classes empower individuals with tools to connect to the essence of who they are and live a more fulfilled life! Question & Answer periods will also be offered after the meditation sessions. All sessions are optional and will be temporariy paused, with group consent, when the Aurora shows up.


Daily activities and trips can be scheduled including:

Dog Sledding, Aurora Chasing with a professional photographer, Cross-Country Ski lessons & tours, Ice Fishing and day trips to a Native Sami Town. 


Private Yoga & Massage sessions will be available upon request.


Trips are being formed for January 2016.


Yoga Under the Aurora

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